Palsons Derma traces its history back to 1984, when Mr. H. K. Paul the founder of the well renowned and diversified Palsons business group of Calcutta, India, entered the domain of manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical ethical formulations.

As time progressed, this business grew steadily, and in 1993, Palsons Derma focused their attention to Dermatological. With the increasing awareness amongst people about the health of their skin, the decision of choosing Dermatology, as the specialty to serve with focus and devotion, in the hindsight seems to be a strategic one. Over the years, Palsons Derma expanded its operations to reach the entire product range to practically all major parts of India.

Core competence and strength of Palsons Derma lie in its ability to extend its product range rapidly to cover a very broad therapy management area in Dermatology. At Palsons Derma, dermatological formulations are developed, manufactured and marketed for the care and treatment of a wide range of Skin disorders as acne, melasma, vitiligo, bacterial and fungal skin infections, scabies & pediculosis, eczema, urticaria, dry skin, psoriasis and other corticosteroid responsive dermatoses.

Wide range of quality skin care products from Palsons Derma has delighted the all –India dermatological fraternity, and also earned their patronage and goodwill.